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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I've had a great few weeks and I have managed to shed nearly 3kg. I'm back heading towards my goal, which in itself is motivation.

Unfortunately the weight has been coming off a bit faster than usual due to stress and illness. For some reason when my kids get sick I get incredibly anxious and when I'm anxious I can't eat. This is not a way I recommend to lose weight. In fact I would quite like this week to be over already so I can get on with next week.

I'm not following any particular diet anymore, instead I've decided to just cut out sugar and wheat products. I limit my fruit but not pedantically. What I've found is, cutting out wheat and sugar dramatically reduces my appetite and I'm not having crazy cravings. It's so nice to not be constantly wandering past the pantry thinking about eating everything in there. It's also nice not to have a limit on what I can eat, so long as it isn't wheat/sugar I eat as much as I want. Amazingly I don't overeat and there are a million scientific reasons for that but in short carbs block something in your body from knowing when you are full and make you want to keep eating and eating, even though you don't need to.

I'm feeling really happy and in control and strong right now. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal then concentrating on maintaining. Maintenance is the hardest thing for me and it's where I have failed time and time again. This time I'm determined to win the battle.

How are you going?