Friday, April 18, 2014

Why does Easter = Chocolate

When did Easter turn into the Chocolate holiday? I'm guessing it's completely about companies having another reason to make money off a public holiday. I wonder if we'll be buying chocolate poppies for ANZAC day before too long.


I've not touched any sugar since in 6 days, I've used raisins and fruit to get by when I've had a craving. And oh my gosh, last night I had the worst cravings. I keep walking in circles past the kitchen where my kids stash of easter eggs are sitting. It was HARD to not break into them, let me tell you.

This morning, friends had us over for hot cross buns and I managed to resist, although they smelled really yum. But I know as soon as grains or sugar touch my lips the rest of my day can disappear into a sea of cravings and eating all the foods I'm trying to avoid. Let's be honest here, the rest of the week can turn into a grain/sugar fest.

I used to weigh myself every day but I've decided not to do that just yet. I find I get 'down' when the scales don't show much change or worse, go up. So until I'm near my goal, I'm going to stick to weekly weigh-ins.

My goal this week: get through easter without any sugar 

Anyone got any good ideas for getting through the sugar cravings?
Zealous Girl

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Okay, so truth time. I've got an addiction. It's an addiction I've been feeding for a few months now. I knew it was a problem when I'd sneak off to the shops and not tell hubby where I was going or what for.

You guessed it: SUGAR.

A nasty, white, processed, sweet drug.

Today is the first day in months that I haven't had any. I've been craving it madly all day. But I'm stronger than this. I can do this. (Little steps)

A few years ago I started on Dukan and it was amazing. I dropped the weight and got down to my almost goal.... enter crazy busy life.... back up to my starting weigh - SIGH. This has been my pattern for the past two years and I'm sick of it. HOW does one maintain? I haven't been successful so far and now I'm finding myself having to start again with the losing weight thing, but I'm terrified of the maintaining bit. HELP HELP HELP.

I do know this. When my life gets too busy, food planning and healthy eating gets really hard (it really does take time and energy to eat healthy) and eventually the sugar and grains creep back in, til I find myself eating cupcakes for breakfast after my sons birthday. ARGHHHHHHHH

Family: 2 kids, 1 husband, 1 cat.
Jobs: part time computer techie, part time sewing and running my own business, full time mum.

So here I start again, down this narrow path towards healthy living, hoping I will reach the end this time and find a way to stay there. Thanks for reading and any help you can give me on the maintaining issue, I'd appreciate.

See ya soon
Zealous Girl

Friday, January 31, 2014

Second 'fast' day

I'm half way through my second fasting day and feeling good. This way of eating is working well. I ate basically as much as I wanted on my non-fast days, which wasn't over the top, but it made me feel like I didn't have to restrict, which always messes with my mind.

Next week I need to add some exercise back into my life. I need tone, I need muscles and I need endorphins :-)

How are you all doing?
ZG :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Oh goodness it's been a long time since I last posted. It's not for lack of something to report, life just got so busy last year. Young kids, work, home business, family life... it's such a busy time and I haven't had time to read any blogs let alone write one, but here I am again... trying to find time :-)

I've been dukaning on and off all last year. Sadly on every 'off' I gained back some weight. I've got to the stage where my body is holding onto the weight and I'm finding it really hard to lose. I'm not actually overweight but I'm not where I want to be.

I heard of the 'fast' diet late last year and thought it meant 'speedy' diet and for those of you who have dieted you'll know there is no way to lose weight fast and keep it off long term. I got the book out of the library just for interest sake (I was skeptical) and I actually liked most of what I read. Really liked it. It's not 'fast' but about 'fasting'. Anyway after a lot of thinking I've decided to add 'fasting' into my life.

So two days a week I'm going to fast and eat only 500 calories but five days a week I eat normal. But by normal I'm still trying to follow a dukan/low carb type way of eating. I'm hoping this will help kick start my weight loss again and I'll finally be able to find a way to not gain all the weight back.

Today was my first 'fast' day and it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined and tomorrow I don't have to count calories or worry about watching what I eat. I'm hoping this helps me find a way to eat a normal healthy diet where occasionally I can have something I'm really craving. That's the hope :-)

How are you all going?

If you're interesting in watching the documentary on fasting, check this out:

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mobility Scooter to walk the dog

Yesterday I was walking along the beach where I live and I noticed a dog trotting along. Then I saw it's owner on a mobility scooter and it gave me a reality check.

  • One day I'm going to be old. 
  • One day my body won't move very well and I may have to use a scooter. 
  • One day I'm going to look back at this time of my life and regret not using my body to the best of its ability. 

Only I can control what goes into my mouth. Only I can move my body and look after it. Only I can reshape it to the best that it can be. It's my responsibility. I can't blame Mcdonalds, I can't blame someone else. I'm in charge. The buck stops with me.

Therefore I propose that we all stop making excuses and take responsibility. When we pick up food we know we shouldn't eat... it's our choice. It doesn't matter than someone else may have brought tempting food to our house or convinced us to eat it. We decide what goes into our mouth.

So let's make the choice to be happy with our bodies or make the right choices for us, until we have the body we are happy with. I'm beginning to think that 'diet' is a very dangerous word. I've dieted for years, got to a good weight then gone back to eating normal and gained weight again. I have to find a eating lifestyle that allows me to stay at my acceptable weight. Something that isn't too hard that I can't keep it up. I also have to find a fitness routine I can keep up long term.

So far the way of eating that has worked best for me is a form of Dukan/Atkins/Low carb. I find avoiding wheat and sugar in 90% of my diet does the trick. This way I can occasionally have something wheaty or sugary which solves my craving problems and I don't tend to fall off the wagon and binge so much.

My weight has stalled this month. I can't seem to get any lower. I'm not far from my goal so I'm not too stressed. This month I'm going to concentrate on building up a bit of muscle as I notice I'm still quite flabby (skinny fat) and I'd like to be more toned.

Who do you blame for your weight gains? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bounce bounce bounce

I'm bouncing along... not really losing or gaining. Which in the bigger picture is pretty good. I'm not really gaining :-) Some days I slip up so I just eat better the next day. I feel like I'm on a learning curve to eat normally without gaining for the rest of my life.

Not much else to report ;-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My son turned five in the weekend and yes I did eat some cake :-) it was good! Although I must say I really notice how food with flour and sugar doesn't sit very well in my stomach anymore. Back to bacon and eggs the next day and it feels much better :-)

Speaking of eggs. We are baby sitting four chickens. FRESH EGGS. They are quite needy little madams and eat soooo much, but it's fantastic having the eggs. As you can imagine, egg is a major part of my diet.

The photo above is the sunrise last week from our deck.
Daylight savings has ended so it gets dark early in the evening again and the mornings are semi light again. So I'm back to hitting the pavement in the mornings, although I am incredibly unfit so it's slow going.

My weight is still plateauing although I feel like my clothes are a little looser. I'm not giving up this time. This time I'm in this for life. If I have a few days of slipping up, I just pick myself up and get on with it again. So far it's working for me :-)

Let me know how you guys are going!!