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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 4 - Cruise PV

Today I was a lot less shaky in the morning - hooray! I'm feeling almost normal again and not so many 'bad thoughts' about dieting today. I was looking at the scales this morning, very tempted to jump on, but I want to wait until the end of the week. If I haven't lost much I know I'll be gutted and it will rock me.

I jumped on the treadmill for 20 mins this morning. Felt really good to walk fast and sweat! Then I did some weight training for my arms. I LOVE weight training and really want to have the energy to get back into it at some stage. Hopefully starting in little bursts now will gradually work up to more workouts. Having a toned body is my ultimate goal.

I feel like I'm eating little snacks all day rather than big meals, hopefully that is ok. I have no idea really how much I'm eating but I know there is no limit on protein.

Even though I don't know if I've lost any weight yet I'm already feeling a bit better about myself.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 3 - Cruise PV

Felt like crap a lot of today. Woke up with major shakes, had to chow down breakfast and then felt ill afterwards. Thank goodness I could have veges today. About 3pm I finally started to feel a bit better, after my steak, spinach and egg. Stirfry with chicken, onion, brocoli, carrot for dinner - yum! Might have left overs shortly!!

My brain was definitely ticking over my options all day. Stop the diet and go back to cookies and chocolate and bread etc... It was really tough to walk past the pantry and not grab some of those items, but I made it. It worries me that only 3 days in I'm feeling like this already. I just need to keep reminding myself that I need to lose this weight more than I need to eat sweet food. And oatbran with splenda isn't bad, it curbs the sweet tooth for a while.

Because I'm still breast feeding and it's not advisable to do the Dukan diet really, I'll keep doing PV days and not do PP only days unless I stall. I'm keeping a close eye on my baby but in all honesty, I won't like myself if I don't lose some weight and that's very important to me right now. My little girl is thriving and that was with me eating total crap up til now, so I'm sure protein and vege will be even better for her.

Highlight of the day, eating my fave food: green beans!!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 2 - Attack PP

I've tried a lot of different diets before:
• Weight watchers worked for a while, until I became totally fed up of calculating points.
• Atkins was great but gave it up when I became pregnant.
• Just eating healthy didn't work for me as I'm the kind of person that needs strict rules for my diets otherwise I cheat (being honest here).
I'm sure I've tried others also with similar effects (weight coming back on when I stop them). This time I need to make a change for life. That doesn't mean I can never have cheesecake again or pizza, it means I can't have them every day/week. I really like the idea of celebration meals, can't wait to get there!!!

Woke up feeling quite headachy and shaky this morning, couldn't get breakfast into my stomach quick enough. The dreaded carb/sugar crash. . . . but from experience, I know I'll get through this and feel fantastic in a few days.

Compulsory exercise, thanks Dr Dukan, is great. It makes me get off my rather untoned arse and move. 20 mins on the treadmill while baby slept today, hopefully another day I'll get outdoors with the pram and stride along the beach - bring on summer!!!!

This is crazy but I'm already craving foods I was eating 2 days ago.... it doesn't help that I can't eat dairy at the moment, makes my choices a lot more limiting, which is why I'm adding veges back into my diet tomorrow. 2 days of attack is enough for me.

My stomach is rumbling on and off but I'm not feeling hungry - random! Hopefully this headache will be gone by tomorrow, in saying that it hasn't been too bad with a few panadols. Looking forward to bed tonight.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 1 - Attack PP

I have three goals. On each one I have 5kg (11 pounds) to lose. I think my first goal will probably be relatively easy, the 2nd goal a bit harder and the third... will be a tough journey. A journey I've taken before but never reached the destination.

In NZ at the moment it's the end of winter and it would be so fantastic to reach at least two of my goals by Christmas. It will be a tough road to travel though as typically my life goes into crazy mode in November with family life, hubby away, magazine to layout, deadlines to meet, not to mention Christmas, but this year I need to come first. I need to do this for me!

I'm not planning to weigh myself every day like Dukan suggests, I'll leave it for once a week. I vow to be honest when I cheat and have bad days and continue this blog until I reach my final goal (this may take years but I'm committed to losing weight once and for all and then keeping it off within a few pounds).

So today I ate a lot of ... eggs, chicken, beef, I went for a walk in the sun (rare sunny winters day) to the beach and I've mixed my oatbran with meatballs, might try a out oatbran porridge tomorrow for breakfast. I think I'm only meant to do attack for 2-3 days, which is good as I'm craving veges already. I feel the carb crash headache coming on and am feeling a bit shaky as my body realises I'm changing things (you'd think my brain would have warned my organs days ago).

I'm getting those feelings of doubt darting about... Can I do this? Will I be able to stick with it? YES I CAN! When I was having my baby earlier this year, the same feelings charged into my head but I kept saying out loud 'I can do this', I must remember to do the same thing with my diet.

I've got lots of home made pre-cooked food in the fridge now that I can just grab on the run, I'll stock up on more tomorrow at the supermarket. Off to plan my weeks meals now, I'm sure that will help me stay on track (being organised).

SYL (see ya later)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dukan Diet Eve

I'm all ready to start and I'm very excited. Bring on the weight loss. I caught sight of myself in a mirror tonight (I've avoided them a lot lately) and the sight was very motivating for my start tomorrow. I have spare tyres and muffins where they were never meant to be.

I've got my oat bran, chicken, mince, eggs all ready to go. Now what shall I eat for my first Dukan breakfast?

The most challenging thing about tomorrow will be fitting in my 20 minutes of walking. See you on the other side!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

... 2 days to go

2 days to go... and for some insane reason I'm baking and eating far too much sugar. Which will come back to haunt me when I start on Sunday, as my body will go through a sugar craving session which involves a major headache. Not quite sure why I'm doing that to myself.

I'm actually one of those strange people that loves diets with strict rules, if it's too relaxed I'll cheat. Also I've found out by doing past diets with calorie counting or writing down everything that those diets aren't for me either. So Dukan's idea of eating as much as you want within a strict list of foods is exciting. I don't have to feel hungry, that in itself is a huge plus.

I don't actually like the word DIET but I'm using it in this blog as it's quicker to type than 'changing my eating to improve my lifestyle'. I know this 'diet' isn't just a 6 month thing, I've really got to change my eating for life. I'm not saying I'll never eat cake or fish'n'chips again, but they shouldn't be in my daily diet or weekly for that matter. I need to make a change and find a sensible way of eating so I don't inflict these crazy insecurities and ways of eating onto my daughter (4 months old). She is going to be my motivation to get myself sorted.

What I'm probably going to find the hardest over the next few weeks is cooking for my family and myself, two different meals. Once things get a bit more relaxed I'll just be able to eat the meat and green vege portion of the meal and leave the carbs but to start with I'll have to be super strict and careful.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

... the countdown is on ~ 3 days

On Sunday, I'll be starting the 'ATTACK' phase of Dukan's diet. Protein, protein and only protein, oh plus a few tablespoons of oat bran (must add to shopping list). No limits on how much I can eat - yay, so long as I stick to the prescribed list of foods.

So chicken, beef, eggs and Fish, here I come!!

Also I must do 20 minutes walking a day (minimum) so will have to squeeze that in somewhere between my infants naps and my preschoolers kindy.

Time to make a shopping list...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... a year later ...

Wow, what a year. After trying for ages my husband and I got pregnant with our second baby and I didn't feel dieting was the right thing to do during pregnancy (or eating low-carb) so needless to say, the weight has piled back on! BUT I'm ready to shed it again. Especially now that I have a daughter who I don't want to pass on my weight insecurities to.

I just read the Dukan Diet and i'm keen to give it a go. It's low carb and seems something that would be enjoyable as there is no counting calories or recording (YAY)... so I'll blog my journey, mostly for myself, but also to help other or be helped if it works out that way :-)

I'm starting Sunday - 4 days to go!!! Now I just need to get organised with all the right foods.