About me

About me

In 2011 I started the Dukan diet and lost a lot of weight fast, but also put it back on fast after falling off the wagon. There begun a few years of yo-yoing.

In 2016 I was diagnosed, and realised for years I had been suffering, with awful anxiety. The weight I lost during that time was neither healthy or helpful so as I recovered (I'll be recovering forever) I stopped worrying about what I ate and concentrated on my mental health.

Now it's 2017 and I feel ready to look after myself again by way of making better food choices and exercising for enjoyment (not weight loss). This blog is a continuing of that journey. Also because I've hit my 40s now, my body doesn't react quite the same as my younger years so I think that makes looking after myself so much more important.

Thanks for following along with my journey. I'd love to follow yours too, so leave me a comment so I can follow you and your progress.

Til next time
Zealous Girl