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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lifestyle Change

I think my head has finally gotten with the programme and realised that eating no wheat/sugar is permanent, not just 'to lose weight' like I've done before.

I'm not a zealot. I still occasionally have wheat and sugar but they are not part of my daily life.

Nigel Latta (for you New Zealand readers) did a documentary on sugar the other day and it confirmed everything I've been preaching and thinking about for years. I'm so happy the world is finally starting to realise the dangers and evils of this processed giant. Sugar is added to EVERYTHING. If fat has been removed you can be sure that sugar has been added in spadefuls.

I'm still losing weight very slowly, but I'm okay with that. My goal is still a couple of KG away and that's fine. I'm upping my exercise and toning exercises a bit at the moment, not to help with weight loss but for health and to keep my body moving. And for once I'm loving it as it's not an obligation or a chore.

Til next time
Zealous Girl