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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 2 - Success!!

Week two into Constance's challenge and I had a 'very very good' week. 2kg loss (4+ pounds) YAY. But I know from experience, that the weight loss this week is the whoosh from starting Dukan again and next week it will be much harder to get a good loss, but I'm going to try.

I was at a kids birthday yesterday and didn't cheat at all, even though there were some very tempting things.

I also got up early yesterday and went for a run. Planning to do that at least 3 times a week, although I don't believe running for 40 mins has much effect on weightless, for me it's all about the food I eat.

Anyway how have you other challengers gone?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Challenge week 1 - FAIL :-(

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Week one of Constance's weight loss challenge and I GAIN weight... sigh! It was a tough week with lots of stress and food around. On the bright side, I've already lost my gain and hopefully heading for a good number this week. I'd love to top the weight loss chart this week :-)

My husband and I just cooked up a lot of chicken for the next few days. It really helps when he is on board too. I've also pulled out my protein powder for those times that I just can't find some protein to eat.

@Angel: I totally hear you about wanting to find balance and be able to eat a few carbs/fruit and NOT gain weight. That is my ultimate goal. I hope that one day I will find that balance, but at the moment I know my weaknesses and as soon as I let one bad thing in, it's like an avalanche and all the bad foods fall back into my diet and I gain gain gain... One day...

Off to work tomorrow. Apparently there is a box of chocolates sitting on my desk. I feel strong. I'm going to resist and give them away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A challenge!

Grrrrr I've been losing and gaining the same few kilograms for the past month. I'm so over not getting anywhere!! Anyway over at becomingshehulk Constance is running a challenge and I'm all in. I need the motivation! Check it out at: constancesweightlosschallenge the more the merrier!!

How do you guys find the slippery slope to Christmas? Super busy and crazy or relaxing and fun??? In New Zealand it's the end of everything wrapping up all in the same month. College, school, work, Christmas: it all happens at the same time, plus the start of summer. It's crazy busy.

My biggest hurdle right now is, I'm sick of cooking meals and on dukan, almost everything has to be cooked, unless you like raw meat - ugh... What do you guys eat with yoghurt to make it edible without the sugar?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holidays are great but hard

Thanks for everyone's comment on my last post :-) Some really helpful ideas there!

I've just been away with my family for a few days. I brought all my food along, had it all planned but somehow I still cheated a little. I seem to get SO hungry when I'm away from home. I wish I'd read 'ANGELS' comment before I went about telling off my weak self. That might have worked. But for some reason a packet of potato chips and teeny tiny biscuits and chocolate seemed more yummy than a tin of tuna... :-( So disappointing.

Plan for tomorrow:
1. Buy/make myself a bracelet that reminds me of my goals and what I'm trying to achieve
2. Find my inner dominant voice and practice telling off the cheating me
3. Don't allow self to get so hungry that cheating becomes too easy

Sometimes I dream about hiring a cook that is only allowed to make me food from the 'allowed' list... then I wouldn't have to prepare meals all the time and come up with new ideas... dreams are free :-)

ZG ;-)