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Monday, June 9, 2014

My sticking point

I always reach this part of my weight loss when my weight sticks and doesn't move for a month or so. It's always really hard and sometimes I give up here.

I hate it that I diet and then gain, diet then gain it back. I hate that. How do I make sure this time is different?

I figure I could give up now, eat the way I always have and just keep gaining a few kg every year until I'm fat, unhealthy and middle aged.
I could keep pushing through, change my diet permanently and strive for health. So what if I'm not losing weight for a month or so, at least I'm not gaining. I also need to remind myself that the scales only show one part of the picture. The fact that my pants are feeling quite loose is also a good sign.

Right off to nibble on some almonds. What are your 'go to' snack foods?

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I've just finished reading 'The end of overeating' by David A Kessler.
WOW, it was like he had read my mind and put in on paper. Most of the book is about the food industry and what they do to food to make us want to eat eat eat it. I completely related and when he talked about how you can eat and eat without being hungry and have a battle in your head all at the same time... he was talking about me. Me when I'm eating sugary wheaty foods.

BUT right now I'm not eating sugar (apart from fruit, fresh and dried) and wheat. And I'm feeling so good for it.

The last quarter of the book talks about methods to use to stop 'overeating'. I've written heaps of notes and am going to make myself flash cards that will come with me until I know them off by heart. When I reach maintenance (with my weight) I will need them as that's when things get hard.

I'm excited to get to maintenance now.

My fat jeans are finally too big, my medium jeans are fitting and my skinny jeans await.

How are you going? What do you do to help with maintaining weight when you reach your goal?