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Monday, January 21, 2013

Holidays are hard....

Oh dear... I was going so well last week, I started the week with a bang and was losing steadily. On Wednesday we headed off for a short 4 day holiday and I had GREAT plans to eat well and stick to my goals... night one, I got about 2 hours sleep so everything just went out the window. I was so tired and so grumpy that all I was satisfied with was crappy food. I'm not proud.

You might ask why I didn't sleep during the day. One word: children. And they were super grumpy too. Fun fun fun.

Anyway I'm home now and it's time to get serious again. I've started noticing a pattern with the way I eat. I'm really good over the 6 colder months and not so good around the busy times before Christmas and summer holidays. Something to think about as I hit them again next year.

How has your week gone? Hopefully better than mine!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Short term goals for 2013

I've been reading about a lot of people making short term goals rather than New Years resolutions and I think there is some merit to that so I'm setting a few for the month:

1. Blog once a week (hopefully on a Monday)

2. Drink more water (I'll do this by drinking a glass of water before every meal which equals about 5 plus a day, that's a start anyway)

It's summer down here in New Zealand and its a HOT, STICKY one. In other words, you can't get away from the heat unless you're swimming. I feel like I'm constantly sweating. Therefore my running has taken a long holiday as even at 6am it's too hot :-( that and the fact I've fallen into the bad habit of staying up late and 6am is just too early.

I start back at work this year (after 2 years of maternity leave) but only for 2 days a week. I think I'm looking forward to it.

So where am I with Dukan? Well I've stocked up on lots of proteins today and my garden is full of beans and cucumbers and tomatoes, although with it being so dry, I'm not sure I'll be getting my usual bumper crops (photo from last year). I lost 1kg this week, which is approximately 2 pounds, which is okay as I didn't stick to the diet religiously.

And my last thought for the week: my favourite thing about the Dukan diet is... I don't have to record what I eat... weight watches, atkins, etc... they all require you to count or record and I got SOOOOO over that in the past. Hello Dukan!!!

Let's encourage each other to lose this year and to finally reach our goals and stay there! What is your favourite thing about your diet? 

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello fellow Dukan friends. I apologise for my 2 month+ absence. November/December in my life is just crazy. I can NEVER stick to diets and I ALWAYS gain weight - sigh. So the damage is pretty bad. 4kg gain from where I was last year.... That makes me 5kg from my TRUE WEIGHT again... the hardest 5kg in the world to lose. I just keep losing and gaining it over and over. I am hoping as I get older (and wiser) that I will one day work out how to live without yo-yoing so much. I will keep trying and never give up.

Last year was SOOOO super busy for me that this year I've decided to cull lots of the things from my life. Blogging is a hard one. It takes time but I do enjoy it, so I'll endeavour to at least do an update once a week.

I'm back on my dukan diet, but I'm trying to keep things real and not totally deprive myself of everything all the time. It doesn't work so well for my mental health. Exercise is the next thing to start again. I'm probably going to have to start my 'couch to 5k' all over again.

Anyway if you're still following me, let me know how you're getting on and I'll try get to all your blogs soon and check in.

Take care
Zealous Girl :-)