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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dukan madness

For some reason I keep coming across websites bashing 'Dukan' and saying how it's a high protein diet and you'll ruin your kidney's etc... It makes me MAD. Obviously they haven't read the book or they'd see how much veges we eat.

Why don't they verbally bash companies that create carbs and sugars... they are the real killers. If only people knew! Word is slowly getting out there but it will take a good decade I reckon until things start changing. I'm making sure my kids are brought up knowing the truth.

Anyway I had a bad few months and gained back 3kg. I hopped back on Dukan two days ago and have already dropped one of those pesky KGs. I so wish I wasn't one of those all or nothing type gals...  but you can't always change who you are. But for now I'm 'all' Dukan again.

How are you all going? Will go check out your blogs now.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Still here..

I'm still here. Just trying to organise everything in my life right now.
Hope to be back soon