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Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's called a drivers licence

It's always holiday weekends that attract idiots to my small town. In fact I usually avoid leaving home in case I run into one of these 'people'.
Last weekend the unavoidable happened and we had to visit my parents. Then on the way home it happened... idiot #1 ran a stop sign, right in front of us (grrrr), and just to make our day idiot #2 ran the stop sign right after #1 nearly collecting our car (on my husband and toddler sons side). I was pissed!
We carefully navigated through our small town and into the country road (100km per hour) towards our house. Well, in the middle of the road idiot #3, the main offender of the day, stopped, blocking cars in all directions. No indication, no lights, no nothing. We watched him look over his passenger and check out his GPS... WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. After he had decided he was going in the right direction, he pulled in front of us and drove about 60km on our 100km road. Joy!
Idiot #3 slowed and sped for 5 minutes; often slowing down for no significant reason with no indication.
The final straw came when he did STOP, no warning, in the middle of the road again, oblivious to any one else, looked at his GPS and didn't move. I was so angry that I leaned over my husband and leaned on the horn. But idiot #3 didn't even seen to hear it....
SERIOUSLY? Where do some people get their drivers licence? A weetbix packet?
Is using a GPS more dangerous thank talking on a mobile phone (which is now banned?)
I'm still really really angry. If you need to look at your GPS, indicate and pull over... it's the polite and SAFE thing to do.
Happy driving people!

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