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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dukan madness

For some reason I keep coming across websites bashing 'Dukan' and saying how it's a high protein diet and you'll ruin your kidney's etc... It makes me MAD. Obviously they haven't read the book or they'd see how much veges we eat.

Why don't they verbally bash companies that create carbs and sugars... they are the real killers. If only people knew! Word is slowly getting out there but it will take a good decade I reckon until things start changing. I'm making sure my kids are brought up knowing the truth.

Anyway I had a bad few months and gained back 3kg. I hopped back on Dukan two days ago and have already dropped one of those pesky KGs. I so wish I wasn't one of those all or nothing type gals...  but you can't always change who you are. But for now I'm 'all' Dukan again.

How are you all going? Will go check out your blogs now.


  1. Good job for getting back on it! those silly dukan bashers...they have NO idea!!

  2. I agree. The Diet is great and it works - although it's not for everyone! But if you don't like it, don't do it! It's as simple as that.
    I am also still about 5 kg over my lowest Dukan weight. It's frustrating, but with previous diets there were no little slip ups but all the weight back plus more! So this is NOTHING!

  3. Yay Zealous.....Oh how I have missed your blogging...great job! I'm proud of you for getting back on track!

  4. Hi Zealous, welcome back. So glad you are back as I was reading your posts and just trying to find others going through this also that I can follow. I've been on the DD for about 3 weeks and have lost 5kg so far....got about 10kg to lose to my TW but I'd like to lose another 15kg! I've started my own blog at http://dukaningit.wordpress.com/ if you want to pop over and say hi!
    I agree with you on the bagging DD.......what about the preservatives and additives that are put into food that are so bad for us?!?! Grrrr....makes me so angry!

  5. Hey Zealous....Where ya at Lady?? Miss you!!!!

    1. I'm so busy... life is crazy. But I'm dukaning mostly and when all this stuff is done, I hope to get blogging again. How are you doing? xx