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Friday, April 18, 2014

Why does Easter = Chocolate

When did Easter turn into the Chocolate holiday? I'm guessing it's completely about companies having another reason to make money off a public holiday. I wonder if we'll be buying chocolate poppies for ANZAC day before too long.


I've not touched any sugar since in 6 days, I've used raisins and fruit to get by when I've had a craving. And oh my gosh, last night I had the worst cravings. I keep walking in circles past the kitchen where my kids stash of easter eggs are sitting. It was HARD to not break into them, let me tell you.

This morning, friends had us over for hot cross buns and I managed to resist, although they smelled really yum. But I know as soon as grains or sugar touch my lips the rest of my day can disappear into a sea of cravings and eating all the foods I'm trying to avoid. Let's be honest here, the rest of the week can turn into a grain/sugar fest.

I used to weigh myself every day but I've decided not to do that just yet. I find I get 'down' when the scales don't show much change or worse, go up. So until I'm near my goal, I'm going to stick to weekly weigh-ins.

My goal this week: get through easter without any sugar 

Anyone got any good ideas for getting through the sugar cravings?
Zealous Girl


  1. Stay strong... I think keeping count of the days you have stayed chocolate free helps to stay chocolate free as you don't want to go back to zero days if you were to succumb to the evilness. I chew sugar-free gum and drink coke zero when I simply need a sweet taste but these are bad habits and not ones I would recommend to anyone as I am now trying to cut the ties to these but that is how I cope and they don't effect my weight but in terms of health I know I need to stop consuming them.

    Very tough having kids who you can't deny the commercialisation of Easter. Stay determined... you will feel great staying chocolate-free.

    1. I must admit, my easter wasn't chocolate free, but I am now and feeling super determined. I CAN DO THIS. You have and it's wonderful motivation :-D

  2. I have had the same problems and moderation does not happen for me. I have no idea how to maintain, but I do know how not to and as I slowly battle those hard habits to break I hope to find the way to permanent loss and maintenance.

    I do know posting and being honest on a blog helps a lot. It makes those "Secret" trips for sugar not secret and helps to keep me in line. I hate having to admit I failed, but what helps most is having somewhere to re-commit so I don't let a slip up last a week.

    Good LUCK! but if some chocolate passes your lips- re-commit, re-commit, re-commit. Don't let a slip turn into a landslide!

    1. Thanks for your motivation :-) I love bloggers that are so supportive and helpful.