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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Another run complete - Check!
When I was out this morning (I have to go at 6am otherwise I'm on baby duty and it's too hot) I passed a lady that obviously put on a lot of perfume before she left the house to exercise, thankfully it smelt like candy so I wasn't complaining... but it made me wonder how much people prepare before leaving the house to exercise, even when it's as early as a sparrows fart.

I basically roll out of bed, run the toothbrush over my teeth (for morning breath rather than cleaning sake), shove on some trainers and I'm out the door. Don't tell anyone but the shorts I'm running in also double as my PJ pants ;-)

So what do you guys do? Roll out the door like me or is there much more prep work involved?

Today I had to head to the Hospital for a specialist appt about my hernia. Hopefully it will be operated on within 3-5 months but I probably won't be able to run for ages after it. Stink. I'm not going to let it stop me now though. In the past I would have thrown in the towel and said, I'll wait til after the op. But I'm a new me. I'm not listening to excuses anymore.


  1. I am a bare minimum morning runner, I like to go from bed to footpath in less than 10 minutes. Once I have my running clothes and shoes on it is hair tied back and grab the dog lead.

    Well done on getting another run in, where on the C25K are you at?

  2. I've just finished Week 3, day 3 of C25k, but I'm thinking of repeating week 3 for a bit longer as I was pretty tired after today's run. I don't want to push myself too hard too fast. Espec after my month off.
    I was out of the house in 6 mins this morning :-)