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Monday, February 11, 2013

I am worth it

I am worth it is my new mantra (thanks Vicki).

I am in charge of my body. No one else can diet for me. No one else force feed the bad foods into my mouth. It's all on me. It's my fault I've let myself slip and it will be me who gets me out of this pit.


My hubby and I have started a little competition. We both want to lose about 5kg/10pounds so have set a prize for the first person to get to to that goal. I'm motivated to win the prize!!!!

What motivates you? What are you struggling with at the moment?


  1. Love this post -- now I feel motivated, too! :)

  2. Always struggling until I properly get into the swing of Dukan-ing. I think I just need to feel strong. when my heads full of rubbish and emotional turmoil I cant cope with dieting. I always turn to food when I'm upset. I remember texting my sister about 6M ago and saying I'm so upset I've just eaten white bread! I know so many get into a spiral of being unhappy with their weight which makes them sad which makes them eat which makes them unhappy etc. I just wanted to stop that cycle and feel like I was doing something positive and not being a victim anymore.