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Monday, June 9, 2014

My sticking point

I always reach this part of my weight loss when my weight sticks and doesn't move for a month or so. It's always really hard and sometimes I give up here.

I hate it that I diet and then gain, diet then gain it back. I hate that. How do I make sure this time is different?

I figure I could give up now, eat the way I always have and just keep gaining a few kg every year until I'm fat, unhealthy and middle aged.
I could keep pushing through, change my diet permanently and strive for health. So what if I'm not losing weight for a month or so, at least I'm not gaining. I also need to remind myself that the scales only show one part of the picture. The fact that my pants are feeling quite loose is also a good sign.

Right off to nibble on some almonds. What are your 'go to' snack foods?


  1. I love almonds, I have to eat walnuts instead. I can eat as little as 5 walnuts and stop, but with almonds, I want to eat handfuls! If I do feel the need to have something, I usually have either walnuts or some plain yogurt. Protein and fat, low/no carbs. You're right, if you are shrinking, ignore the number on the scale.

    1. I need to make myself a protein/fat list of snacks... I stood in front of the fridge today thinking 'what am I going to eat' :-)