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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My son turned five in the weekend and yes I did eat some cake :-) it was good! Although I must say I really notice how food with flour and sugar doesn't sit very well in my stomach anymore. Back to bacon and eggs the next day and it feels much better :-)

Speaking of eggs. We are baby sitting four chickens. FRESH EGGS. They are quite needy little madams and eat soooo much, but it's fantastic having the eggs. As you can imagine, egg is a major part of my diet.

The photo above is the sunrise last week from our deck.
Daylight savings has ended so it gets dark early in the evening again and the mornings are semi light again. So I'm back to hitting the pavement in the mornings, although I am incredibly unfit so it's slow going.

My weight is still plateauing although I feel like my clothes are a little looser. I'm not giving up this time. This time I'm in this for life. If I have a few days of slipping up, I just pick myself up and get on with it again. So far it's working for me :-)

Let me know how you guys are going!!


  1. Thanks for being honest about your struggles. I spent 3 days carb loading for a 15-mile race and then fell hard off the Dukan wagon. I apprecate your "can-do" attitude!! Keep it up.

    1. Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sitting on my couch, fire roaring, eating raisins, because I am SOOOO hungry and trying desperately to avoid buttery toast.

      Get back on that wagon girl, I fell off late last year and put on heaps of weight again, which I deeply regret... I'm still struggling to get it off again.

      See ya round :-)