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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holidays are great but hard

Thanks for everyone's comment on my last post :-) Some really helpful ideas there!

I've just been away with my family for a few days. I brought all my food along, had it all planned but somehow I still cheated a little. I seem to get SO hungry when I'm away from home. I wish I'd read 'ANGELS' comment before I went about telling off my weak self. That might have worked. But for some reason a packet of potato chips and teeny tiny biscuits and chocolate seemed more yummy than a tin of tuna... :-( So disappointing.

Plan for tomorrow:
1. Buy/make myself a bracelet that reminds me of my goals and what I'm trying to achieve
2. Find my inner dominant voice and practice telling off the cheating me
3. Don't allow self to get so hungry that cheating becomes too easy

Sometimes I dream about hiring a cook that is only allowed to make me food from the 'allowed' list... then I wouldn't have to prepare meals all the time and come up with new ideas... dreams are free :-)

ZG ;-)


  1. How's it coming along?
    I have had two cheats since wearing my bracelet, but motivation is coming right along. I have used that voice to make one "unbreakable" goal for the next day, usually around exercise. It is a new way to keep the voice active and my motivation up. Today I ran 2 miles on the treadmill because I said I would last night. Is it working for you? I am interested in what your bracelet looks like. I have never posted a picture to my blog, but I am going to try to take one and post it.
    Good luck. I miss reading your posts...

    1. I've been unwell this week :-( but have managed to do okay with my diet until today :-( had a bad day. I made myself a bracelet, it's a work in progress. I'll post a pic on my next blog post.
      Thanks for checking up on me, it really helps more than you know :-) x

  2. I would love to hear what your staple foods are. I'm eating eggs for breakfast and lunch and have just started eating Surimi but I feel surimi is bit of a no, no. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hey there. My basic day looks much like this: Eggs and bacon for breakfast, a protein bar snack, left over dinner (some sort of meat) for lunch, a slice of cheese (probably a dukan no no... but hey!) for a snack. Dinner is a wide range of things, I usually just eat the meat and veg. How about you???
      When I'm being very good I usually kick the cheese and bacon. I go through stages of eating lots more eggs, depends how organised I am :-)