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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A challenge!

Grrrrr I've been losing and gaining the same few kilograms for the past month. I'm so over not getting anywhere!! Anyway over at becomingshehulk Constance is running a challenge and I'm all in. I need the motivation! Check it out at: constancesweightlosschallenge the more the merrier!!

How do you guys find the slippery slope to Christmas? Super busy and crazy or relaxing and fun??? In New Zealand it's the end of everything wrapping up all in the same month. College, school, work, Christmas: it all happens at the same time, plus the start of summer. It's crazy busy.

My biggest hurdle right now is, I'm sick of cooking meals and on dukan, almost everything has to be cooked, unless you like raw meat - ugh... What do you guys eat with yoghurt to make it edible without the sugar?



  1. I so totally agree with you! I don't want to cook right now! I never have been a great fan of cooking, but right now I am in a total anti-cooking mode.
    My salvation is konjac-shirtaki pasta (allowed unlimited on Dukan all phases): boil for 1 minute and you are done. I eat them almost every day, despite the cost.
    I also have joined Constance's challenge. :-)

  2. I sometimes eat my oatbran with some sugarfree flavoring, but it isn't that delicious...
    I sometimes eat it with a galette as a savory dip with turkey bacon.
    And occasionally I eat the stuff with low carbs, but some sugar (it's cheating, but a smaller cheat).
    In the summer I go for grilling a bunch of meat at once and eating it on salads to get away from the cooking. I do find it easier to Dukan in the winter when I want soups and casseroles and warm foods.
    I really, really want to get to where I can find a balance and eat some fruits and a few carbs and NOT gain weight. I know people do it and I am determined to get there. Some days I just feel repulsed by protein.
    Good luck!