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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Challenge week 1 - FAIL :-(

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Week one of Constance's weight loss challenge and I GAIN weight... sigh! It was a tough week with lots of stress and food around. On the bright side, I've already lost my gain and hopefully heading for a good number this week. I'd love to top the weight loss chart this week :-)

My husband and I just cooked up a lot of chicken for the next few days. It really helps when he is on board too. I've also pulled out my protein powder for those times that I just can't find some protein to eat.

@Angel: I totally hear you about wanting to find balance and be able to eat a few carbs/fruit and NOT gain weight. That is my ultimate goal. I hope that one day I will find that balance, but at the moment I know my weaknesses and as soon as I let one bad thing in, it's like an avalanche and all the bad foods fall back into my diet and I gain gain gain... One day...

Off to work tomorrow. Apparently there is a box of chocolates sitting on my desk. I feel strong. I'm going to resist and give them away.

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