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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 101 ~ bad week

My hernia has shrunk a bit and I'm feeling a bit better now. Went to see Dr and he will apply for me to get an operation on the public system in NZ (health system here quite diff to USA). They might reject me though and then I'll either have to pay or work out something else. In the meantime, however, it could be a very long wait (years). Sigh!

I haven't run since last Monday but hope to get back into it tomorrow morning. Food has been a disaster too and I'm too scared to hop on the scales again. Weighed myself in weekend and it had jumped up over half a kg. Not happy :-(

Just went shopping and bought lots of protein so hopefully that will help me climb onto the wagon again. I've definitely been going up and down a bit lately with Dukan, but at least I'm still doing it, not like other diets that I've quit after a certain amount of time. This time I'm in it for life. No more excuses. No more being fat.

Right, off to read everyone else's blogs.

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  1. Good to hear your hernia is shrinking and I hope the public system works in your favor. My GP recently refused to write me a referral telling me she is certain I would get rejected but I insisted and within two weeks I was seeing a specialist dermatologist - so you never know if it will be accepted or not til you get the letter back from the hospital. And if it makes you feel any better I too have had problems with eating carbs when I know better - I am so annoyed at myself... Fresh start at the next meal and it will be protein only!!