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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The secret

I've discovered the secret to weight loss, exercise and staying motivated. It's a really annoying little muscle that controls it all..... in fact I'm not sure there is much 'muscle'  in there, it's mostly fat. You've guessed what I'm talking about .... your brain.

When my mindset is good, I'm totally on target, I'm eating well, exercising etc....
When I'm tired or busy and when my mind is not focused on my goals, it all falls apart. I find I have the 'I don't care' attitude and basically start shovelling every bad food into my mouth and use every excuse not to exercise.

Sometimes it takes me a while to get my mindset back (it's hard to convince a 'not caring brain' to start caring again; especially when said brain was so excited to be eating all that sugar again.)

Something I've found that has been working for me is my vision board (I'll go into that more in another post), I try to read it daily, remind myself why I'm doing this.

Writing down why you want to be healthy and fit is HUGE. If you don't have a target, a goal, you're just aiming your arrows at nothing, which means you'll hit nothing. More about my goals in an upcoming post :-)

Have you set goals? Tell me one :-)
Zealous Girl


  1. I totally agree with you - mindset is where it is at!!

    My goal is to feel good in my clothes. In turn, that makes me feel good which puts a little spring in my step! Simple really and it doesn't involve stepping on the scales which messes with my head. Although I am curious to know how much I weigh... I know my happy number, I know I'm not there because my jeans are a bit snug still.

    My blog is here... I'll start writing more and not make it private so you can see what I am up to. I'm embarking on a ketogenic way of eating :-)

  2. https://wwangel.wordpress.com