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Friday, June 9, 2017

I'm on a new journey and it isn't easy BUT it is worth it

At the start of 2017 I made a commitment to get heathy and fit again. I made a vision board, I printed out lots and lots of memes to help my journey and I created rewards for weight loss and milestones. I read lots and lots of books and blogs and websites. I was set. I had all the knowledge, this would be easy.

This has been hard.
Harder than hard.
So hard I've had to restart numerous times.

But restart I have done and will continue to do until I reach my goals and maintain them.

I'm blogging again because it has helped in the past and I hope it helps again, and perhaps encourages others.

I have realised that while I feed my children healthy food and limit their unhealthy food, I did not do the same for myself. I let myself eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I wasn't making good choices.

In January I started small with changing only a few things. Eating less gluten and less sugar. That lasted until my family went camping. I got hungry and ate everything in sight. Restart number 1.

During February I decided to record all my calories using 'myfitnesspal' - great free app/webpage by the way. That helped hugely. The weight very slowly came down. I don't lose weight as fast in my 40s as I did in my 20s and 30s.

In March I joined the gym and kept at my eating, although a few cheat foods started creeping in more and more.

April in the school holidays I struggled again. Easter came with too much chocolate and I ate too too much.

May, I struggled again. I felt deprived from some foods and snuck them into my mouth. Yes I have a unhealthy relationship with food, and I know this well, but am still hunting for the answer. Hunting for the solution for me and how I can eat well without binging. How I can include my favourite foods in moderation.

It's June now and I'm back on track. I lost some of the gains I had made. I am cross about that but I must look forward now and not give up.

What doesn't kill me is making me stronger. I can do this. I am doing this!
Til next time

Zealous Girl 


  1. I had subscribed to your blog back in 2014 so it was a lovely surprise to get an email with your post. Your journey sounds like my own. Last May I was down to my goal weight and I was mostly happy. Roll on 13 months and I am up 4Kg which is nothing major most people would say but I know how much work it takes to lose the last 4Kg. It's not easy.

    Are you doing Dukan still? I am more into ketogenic, so in my mind it's kind of Dukan but higher in fat so I don't get as hungry. But when I "cheat" like yesterday I had pizza and a tonne of wine with my girl friends I get kicked out of ketosis and I start all over again and the hunger pangs come back.

    I've changed my blog and made it mostly private but if you would be interested in reading, perhaps we could support one another and see how we both go over the next say 4 weeks. would you be interested?

    Regardless, I always enjoy reading others journeys and I wish you well with your journey. Mel.

  2. Hey Mel.

    Great to hear from you :-)

    I'm not really doing Dukan anymore. I found when I'm not eating carbs I just don't have enough energy to lift at the gym, so I eat some carbs (oats, wraps and a bit of vogals). I still focus a lot on protein and eat a reasonable amount of fat too.

    I'm very interested in reading your blog and supporting each other :-) Let me know how to find your blog! Brenda