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Friday, August 26, 2011

... 2 days to go

2 days to go... and for some insane reason I'm baking and eating far too much sugar. Which will come back to haunt me when I start on Sunday, as my body will go through a sugar craving session which involves a major headache. Not quite sure why I'm doing that to myself.

I'm actually one of those strange people that loves diets with strict rules, if it's too relaxed I'll cheat. Also I've found out by doing past diets with calorie counting or writing down everything that those diets aren't for me either. So Dukan's idea of eating as much as you want within a strict list of foods is exciting. I don't have to feel hungry, that in itself is a huge plus.

I don't actually like the word DIET but I'm using it in this blog as it's quicker to type than 'changing my eating to improve my lifestyle'. I know this 'diet' isn't just a 6 month thing, I've really got to change my eating for life. I'm not saying I'll never eat cake or fish'n'chips again, but they shouldn't be in my daily diet or weekly for that matter. I need to make a change and find a sensible way of eating so I don't inflict these crazy insecurities and ways of eating onto my daughter (4 months old). She is going to be my motivation to get myself sorted.

What I'm probably going to find the hardest over the next few weeks is cooking for my family and myself, two different meals. Once things get a bit more relaxed I'll just be able to eat the meat and green vege portion of the meal and leave the carbs but to start with I'll have to be super strict and careful.

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