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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 1 - Attack PP

I have three goals. On each one I have 5kg (11 pounds) to lose. I think my first goal will probably be relatively easy, the 2nd goal a bit harder and the third... will be a tough journey. A journey I've taken before but never reached the destination.

In NZ at the moment it's the end of winter and it would be so fantastic to reach at least two of my goals by Christmas. It will be a tough road to travel though as typically my life goes into crazy mode in November with family life, hubby away, magazine to layout, deadlines to meet, not to mention Christmas, but this year I need to come first. I need to do this for me!

I'm not planning to weigh myself every day like Dukan suggests, I'll leave it for once a week. I vow to be honest when I cheat and have bad days and continue this blog until I reach my final goal (this may take years but I'm committed to losing weight once and for all and then keeping it off within a few pounds).

So today I ate a lot of ... eggs, chicken, beef, I went for a walk in the sun (rare sunny winters day) to the beach and I've mixed my oatbran with meatballs, might try a out oatbran porridge tomorrow for breakfast. I think I'm only meant to do attack for 2-3 days, which is good as I'm craving veges already. I feel the carb crash headache coming on and am feeling a bit shaky as my body realises I'm changing things (you'd think my brain would have warned my organs days ago).

I'm getting those feelings of doubt darting about... Can I do this? Will I be able to stick with it? YES I CAN! When I was having my baby earlier this year, the same feelings charged into my head but I kept saying out loud 'I can do this', I must remember to do the same thing with my diet.

I've got lots of home made pre-cooked food in the fridge now that I can just grab on the run, I'll stock up on more tomorrow at the supermarket. Off to plan my weeks meals now, I'm sure that will help me stay on track (being organised).

SYL (see ya later)


  1. Great stuff :) I know you can do it too.
    It's helping to keep me motivated anyway.
    I'm so sick of looking like a porker after pregnancy. I just want to be able to walk along the beach and not feel like a whale.
    You're beautiful already babe, but I know you'll feel even pretty when you lose your post baby weight.
    Good luck my friend ;)

  2. Thanks honey, it's invaluable having support through this. Last night Mr 3 was saying 'mummy, eat some pizza' over and over... trying to explain why I couldn't was almost impossible.