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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 2 - Attack PP

I've tried a lot of different diets before:
• Weight watchers worked for a while, until I became totally fed up of calculating points.
• Atkins was great but gave it up when I became pregnant.
• Just eating healthy didn't work for me as I'm the kind of person that needs strict rules for my diets otherwise I cheat (being honest here).
I'm sure I've tried others also with similar effects (weight coming back on when I stop them). This time I need to make a change for life. That doesn't mean I can never have cheesecake again or pizza, it means I can't have them every day/week. I really like the idea of celebration meals, can't wait to get there!!!

Woke up feeling quite headachy and shaky this morning, couldn't get breakfast into my stomach quick enough. The dreaded carb/sugar crash. . . . but from experience, I know I'll get through this and feel fantastic in a few days.

Compulsory exercise, thanks Dr Dukan, is great. It makes me get off my rather untoned arse and move. 20 mins on the treadmill while baby slept today, hopefully another day I'll get outdoors with the pram and stride along the beach - bring on summer!!!!

This is crazy but I'm already craving foods I was eating 2 days ago.... it doesn't help that I can't eat dairy at the moment, makes my choices a lot more limiting, which is why I'm adding veges back into my diet tomorrow. 2 days of attack is enough for me.

My stomach is rumbling on and off but I'm not feeling hungry - random! Hopefully this headache will be gone by tomorrow, in saying that it hasn't been too bad with a few panadols. Looking forward to bed tonight.


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