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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... a year later ...

Wow, what a year. After trying for ages my husband and I got pregnant with our second baby and I didn't feel dieting was the right thing to do during pregnancy (or eating low-carb) so needless to say, the weight has piled back on! BUT I'm ready to shed it again. Especially now that I have a daughter who I don't want to pass on my weight insecurities to.

I just read the Dukan Diet and i'm keen to give it a go. It's low carb and seems something that would be enjoyable as there is no counting calories or recording (YAY)... so I'll blog my journey, mostly for myself, but also to help other or be helped if it works out that way :-)

I'm starting Sunday - 4 days to go!!! Now I just need to get organised with all the right foods.

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  1. Well done you!! So stoked you are recording your journey. Can't wait to follow it with you :)