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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 3 - Cruise PV

Felt like crap a lot of today. Woke up with major shakes, had to chow down breakfast and then felt ill afterwards. Thank goodness I could have veges today. About 3pm I finally started to feel a bit better, after my steak, spinach and egg. Stirfry with chicken, onion, brocoli, carrot for dinner - yum! Might have left overs shortly!!

My brain was definitely ticking over my options all day. Stop the diet and go back to cookies and chocolate and bread etc... It was really tough to walk past the pantry and not grab some of those items, but I made it. It worries me that only 3 days in I'm feeling like this already. I just need to keep reminding myself that I need to lose this weight more than I need to eat sweet food. And oatbran with splenda isn't bad, it curbs the sweet tooth for a while.

Because I'm still breast feeding and it's not advisable to do the Dukan diet really, I'll keep doing PV days and not do PP only days unless I stall. I'm keeping a close eye on my baby but in all honesty, I won't like myself if I don't lose some weight and that's very important to me right now. My little girl is thriving and that was with me eating total crap up til now, so I'm sure protein and vege will be even better for her.

Highlight of the day, eating my fave food: green beans!!!


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