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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 11 ~ Cruise PV

Argghhhhhh sugar is taunting me. I'm not even hungry right now but my brain is hovering on the sugary treats of my husbands in the pantry and fridge. Perhaps the only reason I'm not diving into the kitchen right now is they also are full of dairy which I can't eat while breastfeeding my baby. Grrrrrrr this is hard!

I notice some of my fellow Dukaneers are having constipation problems. I had the same thing on Atkins until I discovered psyllium husk. It's a product that is indigestible by humans but also bulks up and holds a lot of water and I've found it brilliant for keeping me regular and not constipated (sorry TMI). I mix 2 teaspoons with a huge glass of water daily (leave it a few minutes to absorb a bit of water and it's much easier to swallow).

I found soy yoghurt the other day - blurkkk, that's pretty foul (sorry). I'll wait til I can have real dairy again. It's only going to be useful to me in baking, but not too much as it's flippin' expensive.

Didn't exercise today :-( too busy with little one and preschooler. Tomorrow will be the same as Mr 3 doesn't go to kindy, which means I have the little terror all day (he's going through a rough naughty patch).

I'm really impressed with people who can do this diet for months on end. I'm finding it restrictive already and I've not even completed 2 weeks. I wonder how many of you cheat from time to time. . .


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