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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 9 ~ Cruise PV

Does moving furniture around count as exercise? Didn't get my walk in today, I had soooo much to do in the short time my preschooler was at kindy and once he's home, going off to walk on the treadmill is impossible.

Food is going well. Got a whole lot more protein at the supermarket today. Even found some soy yoghurt which will hopefully mean I can try a few recipes I've found online. I'm keen to try these oatmeal biscuits everyone is making.

Hoping to do some exercise tomorrow, also have to fit in some painting.
Feeling hungry. . . time to raid the fridge.


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  1. Soy yoghurt - good score :)
    I'm so glad this is going so well for you. Keep it up!