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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 14 ~ Cruise PV

Hoped on the scales this morning and have lost 1.1kg (2.4lb) this week. Pretty happy with that. If I can keep that up for 2 more weeks I'll reach my first goal.

I ordered a book from the library called 1001 low-carb recipes and it's given me a few more ideas for meals this week! Baking for myself and the family without doing two meals is always a bit tricky and rather boring for my family who probably miss foods like Mac 'n' cheese etc... a lot. I make them pizza once a week and this week I think I'll make myself one by using an egg omlet as my pizza base, lots of protein/vege and a bit of cheese on top (even though I'm not supposed to have dairy... but I need a little this week or I'll go insane).

Doing this diet without dairy is really really hard, but hopefully it will only be for a month or so more.

Had a delicious dinner of scrambled eggs with salmon and parsley - yum!
Goal for next week is to get my walk done daily not just every second day and to add a few more resistant exercises into my day, AND to be prepared and plan all my weekly evening meals before I go shopping Monday!


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