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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 17 ~ Cruise PV

I had lots of veges with dinner tonight! Made up for the lack of them the rest of the day. I haven't done any exercise in days though. . . Things are just so busy at home that it hasn't fitted in and to be honest I haven't tried really hard to find another time to do it. Once I get a few things off my 'to do list' and have passed this week, it might be a bit easier again.

That's it from me tonight. Yawn.



  1. Ah, exercise has been my weakest area in this diet since the very beginning...

    Since you have two little ones, you must do a lot of moving around on account of them -- that definitely counts as exercise. :)

  2. Oh I spent some time reading your blog last night and tried to comment but just like I lost your message I could not post using my wordpress log in. I wanted to tell you how I admire you and think you are really doing well. You have so many things demanding your attention. You are amazing, hang in there.
    kathlucky at wordpress.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment klucky! I've also been inspired by yours and other blogs out there. Isn't blogging fun!
    Sticking to a diet has never been easy for me, it takes so much discipline, but what's fantastic about this one is, there is no writing foods down and you can eat as much protein as you like, no counting or weighing. That definitely helps.
    I'm glad no one can see my house right now though... how does one preschooler, one infant and one husband mess it up so quickly each evening? :-)