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Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 16 ~ Cruise PV

I'm beginning to think I'm not eating enough (although I'm eating all day it seems) as I'm sooooo hungry at night and hunt the cupboard for things to eat, which of course I can't eat anything, so then head to the fridge.

Yesterday I was out and hadn't packed enough food. I indulged in a burger at McD's but didn't eat the buns, I was quite proud of myself. I didn't even order fries!! People gave me funny looks though for pulling out the inside and not eating the carbs. . . heh heh

The thing I'm finding quite hard when I'm worn out and tired from life (children and all) is preparing veges... by the time I've prepared my protein I'm too tired to do veges, so often leave them out. Oops! I know I could prepare them ahead of time, but with doing Mr 3s lunches, dinners for everyone, getting up in the night to Miss 4 months etc, I'm just too tired. And that's not even including house work etc... wish I could afford a house keeper or nanny :-) or even better, a cook!!!

Am hoping for more sleep tonight.


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