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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 34 ~ Cruise PV

Ouch major migrain today. Not fun.

Sugar cravings are back... I had to do something today so I made some Coconut Macaroons... (egg white, splenda, coconut). Now I know coconut isn't strictly allowed on Dukan, but I figured it was better than hoeing into a chocolate bar or packet of lollies. And I only ate two.

I've done some light weights training 4x this week. I'm so impressed. I've got my dumbbells in the lounge so I try to do something while I watch tv and it's working. Now if I can just step up the cardio a bit. Only 2 walks this week. If I was getting more sleep with my baby I'd get up early in the mornings, but usually at that time of day I'm totally dead in bed :-(

I'm very happy it's the weekend. Hubby will be home and we can do some family things. Roll on tomorrow.


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