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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another motivational idea

Check out this money jar. I found this on pinterest but I'm thinking of starting my own one and putting a $1 in it every time I complete a workout or run. Then once it's full I'll use the money to buy myself something nice :-)

While I'm really motivated to exercise right now, my passion may not last forever so hopefully this will help when the excuses are flying. Ooooo maybe if I use an excuse to miss a workout I'll have take money out.

Another idea I had was to add a coin when I resist some food I'm really craving. Now I just need to think of something I REALLY want to buy or save for........... I'm thinking a new iphone. I have the (second-hand) 3G phone and it's battery life is less than a day and it doesn't work with a lot of the new apps. Hmmmmm I like that idea. Perhaps I'll put a picture of an iphone on my jar :-) it's going to take a lot of workouts though :-)

Had another 'freakout' moment while exercising at 6am this morning with a car driving really slowly near me, watching me... It's made me make a decision not to run in the mornings anymore until it's lighter again. So I've worked out a timetable of three times a week to get out for my C25k in the weekend and a couple of weeknights just before dinner where hubby can watch the kids. I'll have to be super organised with dinners, but that's what crockpots (slow cookers) are for, right?!!!!!

Just did my weights workout. Hamstrings are also very weak; joining my triceps. Need to get the back of my body as strong as the front. I'm doing 3 sessions a week. It's nice feeling stronger but  the scales have definitely halted, which is a shame.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh that's a great idea! I might do that every time I'm able to complete a full day resisting sugar:)

  2. It is very important to work everything out evenly yes, the back is as important as the front!

    I really hope you keep motivating yourself (any way that works) and stay consistently amazing (as you have been doing)

    I'm so impressed. Keep up the great work! Just wait until you start seeing tangible results, you will be kicking yourself for not starting sooner! Just think of those sexy arms! :)

  3. A shame you got another scare but the shortest day is not far away. I think knowing summer is not far away will keep you motivated. A new iPhone would be a great motivator.