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Saturday, June 16, 2012

No stitch today!

I'm up to week 4 of my c25k now! Very exciting. Running in the afternoons is different to mornings*, probably because I've eaten lunch just a few hours before my run (rather than running on an empty stomach). My children have passed onto me a lovely (not) cold. Breathing is quite hard and although usually I wouldn't have exercised feeling this sick, I am not letting excuses rule me anymore. Amazingly when I was running, breathing was great, no stuffiness at all.
*(Did a morning run again this morning - after sunrise - and absolutely no stitch or even a hint of it. Makes me think food definitely has something to do with it).

My weight lifting is going well and a nice side effect is it stops me feeling hungry. So if after dinner I want to snack, a quick weights session and the feelings gone. Strange, but I'm not complaining. I do my abs on my swiss ball. Was watching Biggest Loser while doing them. Man they are looking good (final next week - don't tell me who wins, we are probably a season or more behind America).

My second attempt at my homemade protein bars didn't hold together very well, so back to the drawing board with that recipe.

I feel like a new woman. I've NEVER been able to stick to a diet plan this long. I've never stuck to exercise consistently either. It's amazing what a positive attitude, feeling good being slim again AND determination will do. You know you're looking good when your husband can't keep his hands off (heh heh).

It's the weekend and the sun is shining. Enjoy.

(Photo by me, view of sunrise from our house in 2009)


  1. Well done on the running - isnt' it amazing when you realise you can actually stick to a way of eating!!

  2. :) Awwh I'm so happy for you! You have a new lease on life, keep up the momentum, keep working hard!

  3. good on you for sticking to it!