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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exercise and Weight Loss

So many blogs and people seem to think that to lose weight you HAVE to exercise. Well I have proved that theory is incorrect. Due to my hernia and then the operation to fix it, I didn't exercise in months but still managed to get almost down to my TRUE WEIGHT at a relatively fast pace, including eating cheese daily :-)

In saying that, I probably lost muscle mass as well as fat on my journey downwards, but it was good not to feel guilty about not exercising. Now when I exercise it's because I want to, not because I HAVE to.

I'm onto week 3 of my couch to 5k and I've worked out three different times a week that I can run in the daylight. YAY. I did my first daylight run today and unfortunately ran into lots of people I knew. I didn't stop to talk as I'm on my special programme. But it was nice to not feeling scared (as I have been in the dark the past few weeks).

I'm also into week 2 of more serious weight lifting (not just using body weight) and my muscles are starting to actually feel quite hard. Sadly that means the fat on top of them feels pretty gross, but hopefully over time I'll be able to work some of that off. My most annoying area is the top of my thighs, I think it's called saddle bags... ugh what a name. And my stomach (due to stretch marks from pregnancy) may never be flat again, but it's pretty close.

Tried on some jeans in the weekend. Didn't find the perfect ones yet, but wondering if I wait a few more months until I reach my True Weight so they don't become baggy.

I have my check up with the Dr/Surgeon from my operation this week. Hopefully he gives me the all clear and I can live normally again.

Have a great week everyone. Remember keeping a positive attitude is half the battle :-)

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  1. Exercise is more important for weight maintenance. Obviously it burns up more calories but it also makes you hungrier! There are many success stories of weight loss with no exercise.

    I think it is important for mental health and general health though - enjoy your running!