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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Running in the dark

This morning I had a bit of a scare... I was running along my normal route (from my house down a path and along the beach path and back), and although the moon was out (lovely) it was very cloudy and quite dark. I passed a man standing by his car and he made some sort of noise as I ran past... It FREAKED me out. I'm always very aware of being safe and this morning I didn't feel safe. My heart raced for ages after that and I kept looking behind me.

I live in what I consider a very safe place but now I'm worried it's going to stop me going out again in the mornings. I can't run with my husband as someone has to be in the house with the kids. I don't really have any time without kids the rest of the day, except for after dinner which is also dark. Not quite sure what to do. And it's only going to get darker until the shortest day before getting lighter again.

Protein bars: I've managed to not eat any protein bars for a while (just stopped buying them) but I'm missing having something that is slightly 'treat' worthy to eat. So I've been looking into making my own. I found a cool recipe using coconut butter, so I tried to find some and it's CRAZY expensive. So I tried to make it and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

Plain cheap coconut in food processor 

After a few minutes on highest setting

10-15 mins later (and scrapping sides a bit) 

My homemade coconut butter :-) 

I put it all together with my other ingredients and it was pretty yum actually. I'll post the recipe when I've tinkered with it a bit more, but it included ground almonds, protein powder, splenda, cocoa powder and a bit of butter. Not good for crusing Dukaners but great for low-carbers and those on consolidation who need a 'protein bar'. And I've been reading lots about how good coconut is for you. Bonus!!! 

Muscles are feeling very sore tonight from last nights weights session. Good sore though :-)


  1. Could you crèche the kids? Get a treadmill? Pay a friend to mind them? I'd be scared too in the dark.

    1. I have a treadmill but don't 'love' running on it, but will if I have to. I'll take each day as it comes, today my hubby will come home a bit earlier so I can run before dinner (have put crockpot on so not much prep). Thanks for your other ideas. There are definitely things I can do, I just need to be really well organised!

  2. That's excellent! Good for you for figuring out a recipe for all that, so much healthier than buying it all from a store anyways since you know exactly whats going in it, so it has no preservatives. Awesome!

  3. can't wait for the recipe!!! I run in the dark (5.45am I head out) but I have my dog so i feel safe as she is particularly protective of me and I have got to know the other regular walkers and joggers on my route.

    Finding a friend to run with at that time of day would be near impossible I imagine, have you thought about getting a can of mace (is that legal here in NZ) or a personal alarm type thing? I doubt you would ever need it but would give you confidence that you are safe.

    The shortest day is only 2 weeks away and then it will SLOWLY get lighter :-)

    1. I never thought I'd wish for a dog but that truly would be the answer!! I have considered alarms and pepper spray ;-)
      After another scare this morning (car driving slowly watching me or so it felt) I've decided until it gets lighter again (probably just over a month) I'm going to go out during daylight in the weekends and a couple of nights a week, I'll get hubby to come home slightly early and I'll run just before dinner.
      I'll get up and do my weights in the morning instead.