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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running on a treadmill

Well running on the treadmill was WAY better than I expected. It actually felt quite easy, probably because I didn't put the incline up at all (baby steps). But this weekend I haven't hit the pavement yet... it's raining and I have a nasty headache. This is the first time I've used excuses in 4 weeks, I must be feeling unwell.

Busy busy week coming up, then hubby is on school holidays so hopefully will be around a bit more and I can have a wee bit more time to myself with two of us to be with the kids.

Scales still not dropping :-( makes it really hard to stay motivated some days. I am one kilogram from my true weight (have been for over a month) but just can't seem to reach it. Very frustrating. Might have to do a week of attack or being super strict. But not this week. Too busy.

Hope all is well. Pop over and check out Dani's blog if you remember our old blogger friend. She's just had her baby!!!!!



  1. You can do it! Keep consistent and you WILl see results!

    I prefer running on a treadmill, cannot stand running outside. I like having something to track my progress easily.

  2. Hey sweetie, I nominated you for The Sunshine Award! :)