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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 39 ~ Cruise PV

I've been reading through a lot of Dukan Blogs lately and I'm starting to get concerned that some people aren't eating enough! I've been reading about food and nutrition for years now and if there's one thing that always sticks out it's 'don't starve yourself'. When you don't eat enough calories your body assumes you're in a famine and starts holding onto fat. I think the beauty of the Dukan diet is, you can eat quite a lot and still lose weight. Your body uses the protein to run your body and to turn protein into useable energy takes a lot more work so it takes more calories. Eat people!!

I've been reading a book about running. I really want to get into running this summer with my ultimate goal be to run a half marathon next October.

Some days I get so hungry all day, and other days not so much. So weird. Time to eat again :-)



  1. Good morning fellow kiwi girl, I'm up to day 4 of cruise, I have just spent the start of my day reading your blog and will enjoy going to it as my lunch time read, I would like to agree with you that after reading some blogs - they are not eating enough.I would also like to add that often on there pv days - where are their 5 plus a day- along with protein.I had my pv day yesterday and oh yumm loved having vegs, I'm also taking a strong multivitamin to help balance the energy levels - I'm only up to your oct blogs but have seen u r still on your journey, good on you, look forward to reading more,

    1. Welcome Siltoe. Do you have a blog I can follow? Good luck on your Dukan journey. I'm still on mine after a few hiccups. But this diet does really work (I know this after trying a billion others) and it quite easy to stick to. Look forward to hearing about your progress!