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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 41 ~ Cruise PV

Master 3 drove me insane today, I guess it didn't help that I have a splitting headache . . . but man did he push my buttons.

I found myself thinking about food all day today and almost counting down til my next meal. I'm feeling quite run down. Miss 5 months has been waking lots during the night and crying. It's taking so long to get her back to sleep and my husband has been out a lot this week so I feel a bit like a solo parent. Not sure how they do it (solo parents), I don't think I could 24/7, I'd be exhausted (and fat).

It's been what . . . 7 weeks since I've had sugar and I can literally smell it from half a room away now. My son was eating a yoghurt and the smell of sugar was so strong. I bet the first time I have sugar again I'll be bouncing off the walls.

Am so loving fitting my old jeans again. Can't wait to be into my even older jeans, which are probably out of style but who cares if I'm skinny ;-) I've been keeping a pile of clothes from quite a few years back that I really want to fit again, this is my last chance. If I can't get back there this year, I'm giving them away.

Should I be giving away any clothes that are too big for me now? Will that be motivation enough not to be that big again?

hmmmmmmm off to find the weekend.
See ya later!!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that things have been a bit rough with the kiddies...hope the weekend goes well...

    Yes, my vote is for giving away the clothes that are too big for you now -- especially since the clothes you are wearing right now (the ones that currently fit) will be too big for you in a little while... :)