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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 50 ~ Cruise PV

It's nice looking over the stats on my blogger page and remembering that 2 months ago I was carrying around all that extra weight that is no longer part of me. I do believe that blogging daily on this journey has been a HUGE help to keeping motivated and on target. Thanks to my loyal few readers who also encourage me any husband who hasn't complained when I eat strange foods and make the kitchen smell like eggs constantly.

In saying all that I'm slightly disappointed at my low loss this week (200g) but I think I know why. I was very good on holiday but I probably let a few things slide. I'll be better this week.

I'm starting my running programme tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain for my first time out. I'm hoping to get up early and exercise before the kids wake up.

Have a great week everyone. SYL

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  1. Good luck on tomorrow's run! Now that you've read the book, I'm sure it will be "easy"... :)