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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 49 ~ Cruise PV

I'm going to learn to run over the next 10 weeks. I read a cool book put out by Zest Magazine called 'Running made easy'. . . I'll let you know how easy it is - heh heh.

I figure that eventually I'll need to eat a bit more normally and there will be days I will eat carby food so if I can run three times a week that might be an extra help to keeping the weight off and I'd actually really like to challenge myself to run a half marathon next year.

Silly silly me missed a meal today and I was sooooooo hungry tonight. I shouldn't do that as I know that's when I'll eat almost anything in sight. Luckily it was eggs I saw and eggs I ate :-)

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  1. Doing the half marathon is a great idea. An excellent motivation. You can totally do it, sweetie :)