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Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 48 ~ Cruise PV

Just back from holiday and I'm CRAZY tired. Four nights in the same room as my 3 yr old (who decided 5am is a good wake up time) and my 5 month old (who woke often through the night and is SO loud the only way to keep her quiet is to feed her). Holidays are great, but I need a holiday to recover now!

On the good side, I kept to my diet and I'm so proud. I had one night (my friends birthday) that I ate some dairy free chocolate fondue with a few lollies and a banana. They were soooo good and totally worth it and I don't feel like that one night will have a bad effect on my weight loss. I didn't binge, just had a small amount and it was divine.

I did lots of walking while away. With the pram, with baby on me (in carrier), up and down stairs. . . all good!

Been driving for most of the day and all I want to do is go to bed, but no chance as I'm still on mummy duty. I feel like I'm going to sleep like a log tonight. Tomorrow is the annual festival in my town so I better summons some energy for that.

See ya later

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  1. Welcome back -- and congrats on sticking to the diet (and doing so much walking)! Hope you're able to get some much-needed rest tonight.. :)