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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Girls: do you find yourself hungry and eating more during your TOTM? I've been SOOO hungry this week. So hungry that I have not entirely stayed within the Dukan diet... but I have stuck to low-carb. I've eaten some nuts and seeds (made my own muesli - thanks Lynda at A change of life) with greek yoghurt.

Today I ventured out to the supermarket (with hubby to do my heavy lifting) and walking around the store wore me out a bit. Must rest this afternoon.

It's funny that when I'm not allowed to exercise I crave it. I keep looking at my dumbbells longingly and really want to get my running shoes out. I won't, but I want to :-)

Once I start my 'couch to 5k' again I'm going to be looking for a 5k race or 10k to run. I really want to be a runner again. And I'm looking forward to running in winter. There's nothing like running to get warm on a frosty morning.

Any new Dukan dieters out there?


  1. Oh man I am having a hard time with any cardio, I'll workout and lift weights, but I find I get bored of cardio, also, just waaay too exhausted.

    Keep resting! You will be back to your running in a blink of an eye.

    Also, I find I have a week every cycle where I just want to eat, for me it's not about being hungry, I just need to eat and munch. I hate it really, but I find I can't stop myself!


  2. you'll be back on your feet in no time!keep up the resting. i occasionally have a few almonds, sometimes we need a little fat boost!

  3. Since Starting Dukan, I have only had 2 TOM's - another one due in a couple of weeks (YAY for an actual schedule again!!) Anyway I haven't noticed an increase in the need for food as yet. I might pay attention this next fortnight though and see if it correlates.

    They do say patience is a virtue, maybe just put your sneakers on and walk around the house, it might make you feel like you are doing some cardio :p Rest u - as everyone else has said - you don't want to do damage before healing properly.