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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My challenge to drink more water is HARD.... I'm forcing it down but it's not very enjoyable. Normally I love to drink water, but yesterday and today it's been a real challenge (takes a large gulp).

My little one year old is almost walking. It's so cute. She toddles between couches and coffee tables while I sit diligently counting her steps (I counted 16 in a row today). When she forgets what she's doing she usually takes more steps or when she's holding a teddy bear as she thinks someone is holding her hand. I love watching her develop but I'll miss the crawling.

I've been extra hungry the past few days. I've been eating a bit more as obviously my body needs it but my head starts worrying that I'll gain weight. And this morning I did gain but I think it's probably excess water (which will hopefully drop off again soon).

My mini goal at the moment is to get up before the kids wake and walk (fast fitness walk) three times a week (my husband takes the other three days). I know Dukan says to walk every day but I haven't been able to with kids and weather but I've still managed to lose. Anyway now I'm feeling a bit better I'll be walking three mornings a week and the other three days I'm doing some exercises to strengthen my core. When my Dr says it's okay I'll get back onto my Couch 2 5k programme, which I'm really excited about.

Well I better turn out the light or I won't get up in the morning (I'm very good at thinking up excuses).


  1. That is too cute when babies start walking. My daughter used to scoot backward and then she just pulled up on stuff all the time. I know it can be difficult getting the water down too, but you are in a challenge and although your morning is my night, I am rooting for you....(Go, Go, Go, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp) SEE!!! :o) You can do it! Hugs....

  2. Oooooh, that just made me miss that part of my daughter's development SO MUCH! She now almost outruns me! :-) I know what you mean, though, when they get from "not a babby anymore" to toddler ... it's kind of sad, although you are obviously so proud!
    Water, water, water! I hear you! I also need to drink more, although I am usually pretty good about it!

    1. You should join the challenge! I think we are doing more of a reminder type of check in actually....lol....but it has definately been present on my mind to remember to drink it. I have had 3 liters each day so far. I just keep doing things to make myself thirsty.

      Yes, my daughter is 8 now, so everything is about being 13. lol. I miss her baby and toddler days....sigh.