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Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll eat low carb if I want to...

Today has been lovely. I got presents in bed and a cuppa tea. Then had yummy bacon and eggs!

Friends came up to visit (who are moving to China in a few months) so that was precious time together. Then a lovely dinner of Pizza and Raspberry Tart. Now before you all think I'll fallen off the wagon... it was pizza made with completely low-carb food: thin egg omelette base with meat, vege and cheese topping.
Dessert was a raspberry tart, also low carb (see Lynda's recipes), made with almond meal mostly in the base and sugar-free jelly, yoghurt and cream on the top. It was soooo delicious I had two pieces and feel quite nicely full now.

My next problem is... I have half the tart left... Lynda, if you're reading this, does it freeze to have some another day?

Water = 3litres today!

Can't wait to get started on my C25k.


  1. Loving the new look ZG! Glad you had a great day, the tart looks yummy. Try freezing it and see if it works. I think it should, the only thing is that the jelly may crystalize, it may be a bit soggier when you eat it 2nd time round. xoxo

  2. Yes it does freeze!! Just thaw it again before eating and it will be fine. Glad you liked it :) Pizza and pie - yum... and no guilt, how good is that?

  3. Hi - in answer to your question, it was on the dietdoctor.com website. Just lots of people with differing opinions on what paleo is. As far as I'm concerned it is just real food, not processed and lowish in carbs. I think I'd rather not put a label on what I eat - and I do eat dairy too. I agree with what you said about what to eat.

  4. Look at you! You are on a ROLL!

    That pizza sounds good but that tart... DELICIOUS LOOKING! I could eat it through the computer monitor I promise you!

    Also, starting on your running, drinking your water, good job! You are ringing in a new year of being born on the right foot, keep it up!

  5. AGAIN! So proud of you and that tart does look tastylicious! Happy Birthday! Hugs!