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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rain rain go away...

Oh dear... it's raining. My couch to 5k starts in the morning and if it's raining I'll be gutted.

1. I need my iphone for the c25k app but it isn't waterproof
2. When my hair gets wet it goes crazy frizzy
3. I'm not loving the rain or getting wet

Right now I've got all my excuses out. I'm going to force myself out the door. Rain or shine. I can always come home for a hot shower, right! And I'll just have to start my c25k without the app. I'll just run for a minute every five. Can't be that hard can it?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do any weight lifting before I've checked with my surgeon (in three weeks time) so in the mean time I've been doing the same moves just using my body weight (lunges, squats, pushups, abs etc...) but man... I'm shaky from doing them tonight. I guess that's a good thing, means my muscles are actually working hard. I'm doing these three times a week.

Had some quality time with my sewing machine today. YAY. Love sewing. Check out my sewing blog  if you want to see what I've been making.
Enjoy the weekend, it's almost over :-(


  1. Don't remind me that the weekend is almost over, makes me so sad.

    YOU CAN DO IT! Go out there! If you don't you will regret it later and feel guilty, what's one run out in the rain, you need to take that first step!

  2. I love the new look! I have a blog post coming on my weekend running... I hit a new "milestone". I tell ya this running business is so addictive ;-) I am not much of a wet weather runner myself and did not go out this morning as it was pouring!!

  3. PS. Happy (belated) birthday - you are so dedicated to keep on track even on your birthday!