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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 70 ~ I can't believe it

Well even though I had quite a few bad days this week the scales still show a loss. Amazing! I jumped on them this morning, consoling myself that if I had gained, it would be okay. I didn't need my little prep talk ;-)

Now hubby is home and I'm not sick anymore it's time to start my 'learning to run' program again. I might try the 'couch to 5k' app that Little Miss Contrary recommended! Which means I might be running by Christmas. And is that sure sneaking up on us now.

It's feeling so much more summery this week. I love it. Winter is so dreary with rain, rain, rain, where I live. Summer brings some much needed cheer into my life.

Now my baby is 6 months it's time to try adding dairy into my diet again, to see if she's able to tolerate it any better now. What sort of yoghurt (if any) am I allowed? I skipped that stuff in the book as I knew I wasn't allowed it at the time.

I tried on some of my old skinny clothes yesterday and I am fitting more of them now - Excited Eeeeekk - and I've done as Vicky suggested and thrown away (or given away) my fat clothes. I'm never going to wear them again. I'm never going to weigh that much again, that is my pledge to myself and my family.

Well enough rambling from me. Have a great weekend everyone.
See ya later


  1. Is the baby in the photos your Ms little 6 months?? She's gorgeous!!! Well done on your progress too!

  2. That is very brave of you - throwing out your "fat clothes". I should do it too but to be honest, I am a bit afraid that I might still go back to my old weight, in which case they'll come in handy...
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your beautiful daughter! I don't know anything about dairy and babies, but is she lactose intolerant or allergic to milk? I am struggling with lactose intolerance myself, in which case I have no other choice but to have no dairy products or to pop pills that don't remove the problem... completely :-(

  3. Hey SlimC ~ yes that's my little girl. I had fun making daisy chains for her ;-)

    Hey Melly-Sue :-) I've been hanging onto my fat clothes through all my diets and I think it makes it too easy to get fat again as I know I have clothes 'just in case' it happens again. With throwing them away it will effect my pocket as well as my weight as I'll have to buy new clothes. I'm hoping it works as another safety guard to stop me putting this weight back on. I'm so tired of yo-yoing, I'm very determined this time.

    My baby can't tolerate the milk proteins from dairy in my breast milk. My son was the same. He grew out of it about 6 months so I'm hoping she will too. I see they make lactose free milk now, have you tried that? I feel for you, being dairy free has been hard. Thank goodness there are soy etc.. products out there we can substitute with. In New Zealand Dairy is like the main food group so I've found it really hard to go anywhere and eat as EVERYTHING has dairy.

  4. Haha, it took me a while to figure out why you were saying that it's summer!!!!
    Great job ... I am about to go into hibernation here! ;-)

  5. Fat free Greek yoghurt is the best - really thick and creamy. just add sugarfree syrup or splenda to sweete it up and take away the slight tartness.