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Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 93 ~ four weeks til Christmas

Four weeks til Christmas and I'm already planning to take that day off Dukan. But only for the things I really really love. I'm not wasting my precious tummy space on food I only 'like' ;-)

This is the gorgeous beach I get to run along in the mornings. Well I run along a path next to it. I feel very lucky. I used to have to walk/run along roads with lots of cars, so this is much much nicer! Oh and Week 2, day 3 of 'couch to 5k' done!

Busy week ahead. I think I should probably plan my meals so I stick to the plan. Lots of Christmas events coming too

What are your fave Christmas foods?


  1. You are lucky too with a gorgeous beach to run alongside - I can't work out where it is though... hints? I too am planning on having a bit of time off over Christmas/New Year from the cruise phase... we are heading to the Coromandel with friends and I plan on having a glass of wine or two but once we get back home from our holiday I will be straight back into this. I'm actually quite enjoying it.

  2. If you could guess I'd be really impressed. It's north of Auckland and south of Whangarei :-)

  3. filo pastry parcels with brie and cranberry - sooo NOT Dukan-friendly

  4. beautiful .... that place would getting me running, too