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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 77 ~ After the weekend

Thanks girls for all your supportive comments on my chocola-tastrophe ;-) I've given myself a few days 'off' and I get back into Dukaning on Monday. I'm not going crazy, but I am eating a few things I've been craving so I can feel a bit more satisfied when I start again monday. There's no way I'm not getting back onto the diet after all the hard work to get this far. Blogging and having support, helps so much, so thanks everyone!!

I've had a bit of a crazy week with a major deadline on the yearbook I'm designing... it went off to the printers yesterday (yay) so it's almost over. . . but I've been left with a pretty nasty headache, I think I've been pushing myself for weeks now and my body is suddenly fed up.

It's the weekend now, so hubby is home to watch the little ones while I have a bit of a lax on the couch. Still wish little Miss 6 months would sleep through the night already, I'm feeling quite overtired from that too.


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